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Do you need mental health support?

Maitland Private's newly refurbished mental health clinic - The Barrington Clinic - is providing much-needed support for our local community.

As pandemic restrictions ease, it’s a good time to consider your mental health and make any necessary changes to improve health and wellbeing. After all, looking after our mental health is just as important as our physical health.

Campaigns by organisations such as Beyond Blue and R U OK? remind us that we are no longer expected to ‘just get over it’ or ‘toughen up’ when it comes to our mental health. If you (or those you love) are feeling overwhelmed, or struggling with addiction, there are professional support services available in the local area that can provide the treatment you need to get back to optimal health.

In response to demand across the Maitland and Hunter Valley region, Maitland Private Hospital has recently expanded and refurbished their mental health unit. Newly named ‘The Barrington Clinic’ – it creates an inviting and comfortable environment where treatment programs are tailored to your needs. The growing team of highly experienced psychiatrists, psychologists, specialist nurses and allied health practitioners provide 24-hour care and support across concerns such as anxiety, depression, substance issues, PTSD and personality disorders.

Director of Mental Health at The Barrington Clinic, Psychiatrist Dr Geoff Robinson, says the new space “buffers the stresses of daily life” that can make it more difficult for people to recover from mental illness. Private rooms with ensuites, and access to a gymnasium and hydrotherapy, combined with a structured daily routine of individual and group therapy sessions allow people to work towards recovery in a safe way.

The added benefit of the clinic being located within the hospital means other health issues can be addressed at the same time. “Physical illness can sometimes be overlooked in patients suffering mental illness, so we are also able to treat those issues at the same time,” says Dr Robinson. “Our holistic approach to care means we will call on other specialists from around the hospital as required, like a cardiologist or diabetes expert.”

When you are well enough to return home, support continues through the clinic’s day programs. These regular group therapy sessions are offered weekly and can also be accessed by those who want help, but don’t need a hospital stay. The day programs offer resources, education and clinical support to maintain or improve your sense of worth and wellbeing, learn skills to manage anxiety or depression, even art therapy is offered.

While studies suggest that the development of mental health issues occurs predominantly in young adults, it can occur at any age, and adults of all ages and stages of life are welcome at The Barrington Clinic.

For people heading into retirement, Dr Robinson suggests that it helps to keep a sense of routine to ensure good mental health. Plan to do things regularly that you enjoy, like golf days, gardening or attending a community yoga class. “While holidays are a good break to the routine, it’s also good for us to come back to a routine,” says Dr Robinson.