Sleep Medicine

Sleep medicine are provided by the Sleep Medicine Team led by Dr Antonio Ambrogetti.

There are consulting rooms and labs in various locations , here at Maitland Private there is both a lab and consulting rooms.


At our Sleep laboratories we provide;

  • Inpatient Overnight Diagnostic Sleep Studies (the gold standard)
  • Inpatient Titration and CPAP studies
  • MSLT (Multiple Sleep Latency Testing) used for the assessment of daytime sleepiness
  • MWT (Maintenance of Wakefulness Testing) used to assess the ability to stay awake, for example, for professional driving license accreditation

There is also a consulting room located in the medical suites at Maitland Private here we provide:

  • Portable home sleep studies (effective for the diagnosis of Obstructive Sleep Apnea)
  • Oximetry (excellent screening tool for Obstructive Sleep Apnea if unsure of the need for or urgency of a overnight sleep study)
  • Actigraphy (watch used in combination with a diary - important for the diagnosis and management of sleep timing disorders)
  • Consultation and treatment (we have 3 consultants: Dr Ambrogetti working in sleep exclusively and Dr Pradeepan and Dr Myat both working in Sleep and Respiratory Medicine and also working within the Hunter Area Hunter Service, John Hunter and Maitland Public Hospitals)
  • Positional treatment and blue light therapy (both goggles and lamp)
  • CPAP clinic with trials of CPAP for 2-4 weeks at no cost to the patient upon referral
  • Low cost CPAP rental (useful for patients awaiting ENABLE)

Contact Details

Dr Antonio Ambrogetti - Consultant Physician

50 Smith Street, Charlestown NSW 2290 - Ph 02 4942 2457 / Fax 02 4947 8128

175 Chisholm Road, East Maitland, NSW 2323 - Ph 02 4088 8090 / Fax 02 4933 0487 -