Caring for Children

In recent years, a greater understanding of the needs of children and their parents has been achieved. We realise a child’s visit to hospital requires a different approach to that of adults.

During your child’s time with us, our team will ensure that his or her stay is as pleasant, comfortable and reassuring as possible. We are also aware that this can be a traumatic time for parents and we will do our best to ensure that you have the support you need.

Our operating theatres maintain modern equipment for the optimal performance of surgical and associated procedures. This, combined with a high standard of nursing care ensures your child has access to quality medical attention.

Below is some additional information to help you understand and prepare for your child’s surgery.

Admissions for Children 

The pre-admission, admission and discharge process for children is similar to that of adults.

Our Short Stay section provides comprehensive information to ensure your child’s visit to hospital runs smoothly.

Please use this information in conjunction with the additional information provided below to help you understand and prepare for your child’s surgery.


Children are encouraged to bring a favourite toy with them. Parents are encouraged to stay with their child as long as possible prior to the operation.

After the Procedure

Your child will wake up in the recovery room where skilled staff will monitor them. To reduce the time away from your child, a nurse will take you to your child as they are waking.

Before leaving the unit, you will be given post-operative instructions regarding physical activity, dressings, medication, appointment times and emergency contact numbers for any queries or concerns.

Going Home

Your child will need to rest for at least 12 to 24 hours following the anaesthetic. Your surgeon will advise you of the length of time required to recover according to the procedure and individual needs.

One of our nursing staff will be in contact with you by phone to follow up on your child’s recovery. This is a good opportunity to discuss any concerns.

Overnight Stays

In many cases, your child’s procedure can be safely performed as a day case however, in some cases an overnight stay is necessary.

If your child is staying overnight, they will be transferred to the Surgical Ward from the recovery room. We try to ensure that children are not separated from parents and encourage a parent to stay with their child overnight.