About Maitland Private Hospital

What are the hospitals visiting hours?

Visiting hours and rest periods vary between wards.


See Visiting Hours.


Is there a florist or gift shop at the hospital?

No, there is a coffee shop and local florists deliver to the hospital..


How much will I have to pay for my hospital visit?

Your out of pocket expense will depend on your level of health insurance cover.


As part of our pre-admission process, we complete a health fund check and advise you in advance of your out of pocket expenses including any excesses you would have to pay.


Your health fund or insurer can also provide you this information.


Does the hospital accept DVA patients?

Yes. Maitland Private is a Tier 1 hospital provider for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA).


We offer comprehensive care for eligible veterans and war widows. See DVA.


What additional support is in place for DVA patients?

Our hospital has a designated Veterans’ Liaison Officer dedicated to providing DVA patients, their families and carers with a range of additional support services.


Does Maitland Private Hospital have an Emergency Department?

No. The nearest Emergency Department is at Maitland Hospital (Public) a 10 minute drive from Maitland Private.


The Maitland Public Hospital is located at 550 - 560 High Street, Maitland and they can be contacted on 02 4939 2000.



Coming to Hospital

Do I need to attend a pre-admission clinic?

This varies between patients, depending on the procedure and individual need. Our staff will contact you if you are required to attend a pre-admission clinic prior to your surgery.


How do I get admitted to Maitland Private?

Please see your doctor or specialist. He or she will complete a pre-admission form for you. Please fax, post or deliver this in person to us as soon as possible, preferably at least 7 days prior to your hospital admission date. If your admission is for the same or next day, please contact call us immediately to confirm your admission.


If I have questions about the privacy of my information, what should I do?

Our hospital has a Privacy Officer who can assist you with any questions you may have regarding privacy.


If the information you are looking for isn’t covered in the Privacy section of this site, please contact us and request to speak with the hospital’s Privacy Officer.


How soon after my operation will I be able to drive?

It’s important that patients don’t drive for a minimum of 24 hours after surgery due to the affects of anaesthesia and/or other medication. Motor accident insurance doesn’t cover patients in this case.


Will I be able to get a doctors certificate?

Yes. If you require a doctor’s certificate please speak to your doctor who will arrange a certificate for you when you are discharged.


 How do I obtain information from my medical record relating to my prior hospital admission(s) to Maitland Private?

Any request to a access your medical record must always be made in writing. We have a form for this purpose called the ‘Maitland Private Hospital Application for Documents’ form.


This form outlines the process, fees and charges associated with requesting information from your medical record.


You can contact the hospital’s Reception Desk during office hours to arrange for this form to be sent to you.

Hospital Accommodation

Do I need to fast before coming to hospital?

To confirm any fasting requirements, please phone the hospital the day before your operation between 2pm and 5pm.


Can I have anything to drink while fasting?

No. Fasting means nothing to eat or drink, including water and no chewing of gum. Please speak to the Pre-Admission nurse if you have any queries.


I am on regular medication. Do I need to take it before my operation?

Yes. If you are taking medicines or tablets you should check this with your doctor, If you are fasting and have been instructed to continue with your medication, only do so with a sip of water. Some medications must be ceased before surgery – your doctor will advise you of these.


Should I bring my regular medications with me to hospital?

Yes. It’s important for patients to bring all their regular medications with them to hospital. You should inform your doctor and hospital staff who will review your medication, as it relates to your admission and surgery or treatment you are to receive.


How long will I need to stay in hospital?

This varies between individual patients. Your doctor will advise you of the expected length of your hospital stay.


Can I smoke while in hospital?

No. Maitland Private is a non smoking facility in accordance with the NSW Department of Health guidelines.


Do I have to shave before I go into surgery?

Shaving may not be necessary. You will be advised of all preparations after admission.


Should I shower before I come to hospital?

Yes. Patients should shower before coming to hospital but remember not to use talcum powder.


Do I need to remove acrylic nails before coming to hospital?

No. Acrylic nails are fine but all nail polish on hands and feet should be removed.


What should I bring to hospital with me?

What to bring to hospital can vary depending on the reason for your admission.


A comprehensive list of items is provided on this site for:

  • General patients
  • Short stay patients

Are family members able to stay with me in hospital?

No. We don’t have facilities for family members to stay with patients as a regular occurrence while they are in hospital. In exceptional circumstances, we may be able to assist. Please speak to hospital staff if you require further information.


Can I bring my mobile phone with me to hospital?

Yes, in some cases, mobile phones can interfere with sensitive medical equipment so you may be requested to use the telephones for patient use that are available in all rooms.